Business Building and Consulting

Over the years I have offered guidance and consultation to help clients in all areas of business building.

Through The Useful Bruce I will provide real estate parties with business advice, specifically designed to help them build a successful real estate enterprise. There are a few aspects to this:

  • General Business Analysis
    • How to streamline and focus a real estate business
    • Make a real estate business more profitable
  • Business Evolution Advice
    • Advising a business on how to get to a higher level, i.e morphing from where it is to where it could be
  • Competitive Advantage Analysis
    • Focusing on differentiation, which is an aspect of The Power Niche
    • Recognition that “Competition is Evil” and how to avoid it
  • Marketing (through a development of my Power Niche Strategy)
    • Providing access to my network, and an insight into my specific strategies I have employed to market myself and former clients in the industry

Send me an email ( and let’s get to work on building your real estate business to being the best it can possibly be!

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