About The Useful Bruce

I have been in New York City Real Estate for close to forty years, which is a long time to do anything.  I love real estate.  It is more than just a job to me – it is a super-charged passion.  I eat, sleep, think, and dream about real estate and the people I know in the industry pretty much every single day of my life. 

I started out as a real estate lawyer but over the past fifteen years I have evolved into an industry expert with a mission centered around helping clients and other parties build their businesses, or careers, in the real estate world.  This has expanded greatly over time and grows more and more each year. 

As I grow older and more experienced, I have found myself to be quite, well, “useful” to players – large and small – within the real estate industry.  Part of my “use” is what I have learned in thousands of deals and interactions over my long career.  And the other part of my “use” is the incredible number of friends, contacts and relationships I have developed over my time in the industry.  I guess I can’t say I know everybody just yet, but it seems to be getting closer to that over time.

Most of my work in recent years has been of non-legal function, so I have formed The Useful Bruce LLC as a separate organization to provide various services to players within the real estate industry.  Take a look around this website to see the various ways in which I can be “of use” to you.

Disclaimer in regards to overlap with my law firm, Adler & Stachenfeld LLP:

Of course, I will remain Chairman of my law firm, Adler & Stachenfeld LLP; accordingly a careful clarification of the dual roles of the two organizations is of great importance:

First – I am a partner in good standing at Adler & Stachenfeld, which is my first love in real estate.  I love my law firm.

Second – We will be careful that any engagement or activities by The Useful Bruce is delineated as not being an engagement by the law firm.  Indeed, we will have heightened conflict clearance and compliance procedures to delineate interactions with third parties.

Third – The Useful Bruce will not be charging fees to clients of Adler & Stachenfeld for fund-raising. 

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